The Battle • Preface


When you made the decision to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ, you automatically became a soldier in His army. You are now an active participant in the battle between the forces of God and the forces of Satan. As a soldier engaged in this conflict, it is vital to understand that God has placed the most powerful defensive and offensive weapons of spiritual warfare in the universe at your disposal. We created The Battle: 21 Rules of Engagement book and audio CDs in order to provide you with the practical encouragement and biblical steps you need to deploy these powerful weapons and experience victory on the battlefields of life.

Through this 21-day devotional, you’ll discover how to stay in close communication with your heavenly Commander and obey His orders as well as how to be armed and ready for battle. Each day begins with a passage of Scripture followed by an inspiring devotional thought. At the conclusion of each day is a journaling section where you can write down what the Holy Spirit is saying to you as well as your thoughts and prayers.

Enclosed in the back of this book are four audio CDs with each day’s Scripture and devotional thought as well as a daily worship song and prayer. Additionally, there are nine Scripture memory cards with verses that will help you prepare for battle and strengthen your walk with God as you store His Word in your heart and mind. It’s time to answer the call. Choose this day to embrace God’s invitation, and let the battle begin!

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