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  • Robert Morris

Evangelism has always been near and dear to my heart. When I first went into ministry, I was a traveling evangelist and would share my personal testimony at church services almost every week. While I don’t travel nearly as much now, I’ve never stopped witnessing and sharing my story with people I meet.

Have you ever shared your story with someone? Maybe you’ve tried sharing it with a friend, but you weren’t sure what to say. The truth is, it’s easy to share your story and this devotional will help you understand how.

REAL focuses on equipping and inspiring you to effectively communicate the story of the Gospel and your faith by living a relevant, engaging, authentic life. As you read through these devotions, you’ll see that these words are the key ingredients to being a good witness and sharing your story with others.

My hope is that through this devotional you’ll be able to see just how easy and powerful it is to share your story and lead people to the Lord! The reason the great evangelists have led so many people to the Lord is because they’ve had a lot of practice. But you don’t have to have the gift of evangelism to be an effective witness. You may not have the gift of intercession, but as a Christian you still need to pray. In the same way, as a Christian, you still need to be a witness and share your story with others.

I believe that if you make this devotional part of your daily life over the next 28 days, you’ll be inspired to build the kingdom by living out REAL.

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