Love Expressed • Fasting


From time to time it becomes vital for us to slow the frantic pace of our lives and focus on our need to rely on God and not ourselves. We can do this by stopping and setting aside specific time to align our priorities with the priorities close to God’s heart. All of us, on a daily basis, need to share in the experience of hearing God’s voice and obeying Him. This is why, as a church, we’re setting aside 21 days (January 7–January 27) to fast and pray.

These 21 days are a dedicated time for us to declare to God our utter dependence on Him. It is a time to consciously and deliberately focus our hearts and attention on our heavenly Father. As we begin our 21 days of prayer and fasting, we encourage you to pray about how God wants you to fast. If your health allows, consider giving up at least one meal every day. God may even lead some of you to go without any food for several days. Prayerfully consider giving up things such as television, social media and non-essential email which can all too often consume major amounts of our time. Above all, allow yourself extra time to be sensitive and open to hearing God’s voice and obeying His direction in your life and the life of the church as we begin 2013.

Join us as we focus our time and attention on fasting, praying and seeking God's heart.

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