Love Expressed • Preface
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All throughout the Bible, we read about people worshipping God. But what exactly does that mean? And what should it look like for us in the body of Christ? Passionate? Alive? Vibrant? Intimate? Is that how you would describe your worship?

Sadly, for many of us worship has become a ritual full of tradition. The things we do, in and of themselves, aren’t meaningless; it’s just we’ve never really learned why we worship or how to worship. Most importantly, we haven’t come to know who we worship. We go through the motions, yet we never truly encounter God face to face.

Over the next 31 days, we invite you to join us as we journey together into becoming true worshippers. Each day, we’re going to set aside a few moments to sit and spend time with God just to get to know Him—really know Him. Not just about Him, but to honestly know Him. We aren’t going to focus as much on asking Him for things (which isn’t wrong in itself because God desires for us to ask of Him); rather, we’re going to set out to discover His desires—what He really wants.

Love Expressed is a 31-day devotional intended to encourage and inspire you to make worship a lifestyle. We’ll explore the many dynamics of worship: what the Bible says about it, why we so desperately need it, how we can use it, how it brings us closer to the Father and many other important truths. Each day begins with a passage of scripture, followed by a devotional thought focused on worship and ends with a prayer, practical activation tips for your own life and ways to further study that day’s topic.

Before you begin each day, we encourage you to ask the Lord to let your spiritual eyes and ears be open to whatever He wants to say to you and show you. And then, ask the Holy Spirit to help you hear Him, believe Him and obey Him.

As you go through this devotional, our prayer is that you’ll grow to understand that worship is one of the most exciting and life-giving avenues we have for walking in an intimate relationship with our heavenly Father. We have a great adventure ahead of us, and we pray you’ll become closer to God than you ever thought possible as you discover how to express your love and live a powerful life of worship!

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