It Is Written • Preface
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The Bible is the inspired Word of God. It’s God-breathed. It’s a weapon. It’s food. It’s life. But I think for many of us, reading the Bible can be a challenge. How do I find the time? What do I read? What does it all mean?

Last year, the Holy Spirit laid a burden on my heart about this. I believe He wants to rekindle our passion for His Word and help us get in the habit of reading, meditating on and memorizing what it says. That’s why, as a church, we want to focus on God’s Word for the first 31 days of this year.

Did you know there are 1,189 chapters in the Bible? That means that if you were to read three to four chapters a day, you could read the entire Bible in one year. If you were to read 10 chapters a day, you could finish the Bible in less than 120 days. And if you read 50 to 100 chapters a day, you could finish the Bible in 24 or 12 days, respectively. Now, that’s a lot of chapters and might be overwhelming. You just need to have a plan, and this devotional is the perfect starting point.

As we journey through It Is Written, we’re going to dig into some of the things God’s Word is—breath, bread, water, a sword and a lamp, just to name a few—and we’ll see how those things make a difference in our lives. Each day begins with a passage of Scripture, followed by a devotional thought focused on the Word and ends with a prayer and ways to further study that day’s topic.

If you’ll make It Is Written a part of your daily life over the next 31 days, I believe something supernatural will begin to happen in you. You’ll develop a stronger passion for God’s Word, and you’ll realize the power that it has in your life. You’ll also develop a better understanding of what God is speaking to you through Scripture. And most of all, you’ll grow closer to Him.

Whatever you’re going through right now, the answer is in the Word. God knows your struggles, and He knows your heart. Though the Bible was written by some 40 writers, He is the author. He wrote His own autobiography, and we have a copy of it! I encourage you to make this devotional part of your daily life over the next month. I promise you that the Word of God will change your life.

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