Created to Be

Did you know God created you with a purpose? And did you know you have a part to play in His kingdom here on earth? At Gateway, we want you to experience all God has for you and live out your God-given purpose.

The God I Never Knew

Over the years, the Holy Spirit has become my closest friend. My wife, Debbie, is my best friend on earth, but the Holy Spirit has become my spiritual best friend. However, it wasn’t always that way.

The Blessed Life

Living the blessed life has truly been an adventure for Debbie and me. From the beginning of this journey, God has asked us to give in ways that required instant obedience and trust in Him. We’ve given away multiple vehicles, our retirement savings, and even our home.

Love Expressed

It’s commonly known that worship is an integral part of the Christian life. But what exactly is worship? Some define it as a song; others describe it as a lifestyle. But the simplest and most accurate definition is “love expressed.”

It Is Written

The Bible is the inspired Word of God. It’s God-breathed. It’s a weapon. It’s food. It’s life. But I think for many of us, reading the Bible can be a challenge. How do I find the time? What do I read? What does it all mean?